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Precious Stones to War Debris
Otro Diseño at Sieraad 2006
December 7-10, 2006
RAI, Amsterdam

The Otro Diseño Pavilion For Sieraad 2006 presents the work of 40 contemporary jewellery designers from southern countries.

From Mexico to Patagonia, from Portugal to South Africa; using precious metals, recycled rubber, exotic woods, paper, wool and even garbage; 40 designers from southern countries present their latest work at the Otro Diseño Pavilion for Sieraad 2006. Brazilian designer Mirla Fernandes shows her Herenca collection, that interprets the blue tile work from Paraiba in latex; while Bettina Terepins combines Brazilian exotic woods with precious stones. Italian Margherita Marchioni, Mexican Andres Quiñones and Venezuelan Luis Pons show that recycled elements can be turned into startling pieces. New Zealander Sandra Bushby creates delicate embroidered pieces while her co-national Octavia Cook proves that fake can sometimes be "Better than the real thing" with her collection of printed jewels. And Mexican collective project Dzitnup presents the bold embroidered work of Mayan woman from the Yucatan Peninsula.
In total, 40 designers from 21 countries in an amazing mix of ideas, techniques and materials.

From Precious Stones to War Debris